Wednesday, November 11, 2020

My Weekly Pull [141] & Can't-Wait Wednesday [116]

My Weekly Pull is something I do every Wednesday to show which comics I had pulled for me that week! If you're into comics, or you're looking to start, please join me! If you decide to do your own post, there's a link-up at the bottom. I would love to stop by and check it out!

Champions #2 by Eve Ewing, Simone Di Meo, Toni Infante
Scarenthood #1 by Nick Roche
Seven Secrets #4 by Tom Taylor, Daniele Di Nicuolo

We Only Find Them When They're Dead #3 by Al Ewing, Simone Di Meo

Jacob & the Kids!

Savage Avengers #14 by Gerry Duggan, Patrick Zircher, Valerio Giangiordano
Goosebumps Secrets of the Swamp #2 by Marieke Nijkamp, Yasmin Flores Montanez, Bill Underwood
Transformers #24 by Brian Ruckley, Bethany McGuire-Smith
Kick-Ass Vs Hit-Girl #1 by Steve Niles, Marcelo Frusin, John Romita Jr
Amazing Spider-Man #52 by Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, Jeffrey Veregge

Amazing Spider-Man #52LR by Nick Spencer, Matthew Rosenberg, Federico Vicentini, Marcelo Ferreira
Bill & Ted Are Doomed #3 by Evan Dorkin, Roger Langridge, Sarah Dyer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #111 by Sophie Campbell, Jodie Nishijima, Kevin Eastman

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly feature that's hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings. It highlights the upcoming releases we're really excited about reading! CWW is a spinoff of the feature Waiting on Wednesday (WoW), that was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

The Baddest Girl on the Planet by Heather Frese
Expected publication: March 2nd 2020

Synopsis (via Goodreads): WINNER of the LEE SMITH NOVEL PRIZE

Evie Austin, native of Hatteras Island, North Carolina and baddest girl on the planet, has not lived her life in a straight line. There have been several detours―career snafus, bad romantic choices, a loved but unplanned child―not to mention her ill-advised lifelong obsession with boxer Mike Tyson.

Evie is not plucky, but when life’s changes smash over her like the rough surf of the local shoreline, she muddles through―until that moment of loss and longing when muddling will no longer suffice. This is the story of what the baddest girl on the planet must find in herself when a bag of pastries, a new lover, or quick trip to Vegas won’t fix anything, and when something more than casual haplessness is required.

The Baddest Girl on the Planet is inventive, sharp, witty, and poignant. Readers will want to jump in and advise this baddest girl on the planet―or at least just give her a shake or a hug―at every fascinating turn.

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― Marissa Meyer, Heartless