Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Weekly Pull [24]

My Weekly Pull is something I do every Wednesday (only a day late, which is an improvement from last week) to show which comics I had pulled for me that week! If you're into comics, or you're looking to start, please join me! If you decide to do your own post, leave a link in the comments. I would love to stop by and check it out!

I think I'm finally getting my groove back after taking a week or so off! I have a few posts scheduled, I've been responding to comments, and even venturing out and visiting some blogs myself! It took a few days of being back to feel like I was back. Blogging is a huge time commitment, and it's hard to blog about books and comics if you haven't been reading any, haha! 

Analog #3 by Gerry Duggan, David O'Sullivan, Phil Noto
Kick-Ass #5 Mark Millar, John Romita, Ozgur Yildirim
Magic Order #1 (of 6) by Mark Millar, Olivier Coipel

Domino #3 by Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Greg Land
Hunt For Wolverine Adamantium Agenda #2 (of 4) by Tom Taylor, R. Silva, Greg Land
New Mutants Dead Souls #4 (of 6) by Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Gorham, Ryan Stegman
Venom #2 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman

Analog is a little more violent than I would like, but the story is insanely good. What would our world look like if someone removed the internet, or at least every ounce of your privacy? What would you do? Would you choose to still use it? People in power have started using carriers that transport messages all over the world in briefcases. Their jobs aren't exactly easy, and hands tend to get cut off or blown up. People will still kill for information, despite it being harder to track down. "Aunt Sam" just made an appearance, and I don't think that means anything good for Jack.

Kick-Ass has been pretty good so far, but I'm a little worried now that they're introducing Hit-Girl into the comic. For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I really disliked Hit-Girl and everything she stood for. She's just as bad as the criminals she chooses to kill. She even uses small children to get what she wants. If this Hit-Girl is anything like the one I've read about in the past, I will probably stop reading Kick-Ass as well.

Magic Order is something new that Jacob brought to my attention. It's about five families of magicians that have sworn to protect our world from monsters every generation. Now there is an enemy that is killing them off one at a time, and I guess they need to determine who that is and stop them. It's a mini series, so everything should happen pretty quickly!

The last issue of Domino had a spectacular cliffhanger that I still think about occasionally. I need to know what happens! New Mutants Dead Souls is getting good too. Magik had to show her true self in order to break through a magical seal, but then something unthinkable happens... The different mini series for Hunt for Wolverine have been interesting. Everyone goes about looking for him in their own way, and the different teams are awesome if somewhat unexpected. Donny Cates killed the first issue of Venom! I cannot wait to see where this story goes!

Have you started any new comics? Enjoying some older issues? 


  1. Oh wow, Magic Order sounds really good. I might have to look for that one. I'm also really curious about Analog - what a cool premise.


    1. I'll let you know what I think about Magic Order when I read it! Analog gets better every issue. <3

  2. I love the cover of Venom. I know everyone is complaining but I’m looking forward to the movie

    1. Why are people complaining? It frustrates me when people judge something before they've even given it a chance. Jacob and I are crazy excited because it's being released on his birthday. :)

  3. I would like to try Domino, the covers are always great

    1. I love all of the artwork for Domino! Her story is fantastic and really interesting. It's definitely a favorite for me right now.

  4. I've never heard of any of these. I hope you enjoy them.

  5. It feels like this is one of the very first times I have visited your blog. Sorry about that. I get really anxious about commenting, even when it's on an awesome person's blog (LIKE YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME). I don't really read comics but I have seen Kick Ass and had mixed feelings on Hit Girl. The film was way too bloody for me.

    I'd love to see how you go about picking up new comics. Library first? How do you choose to take a chance on a comic? How did you get started on this genre, and where would you recommend for newbies to start?
    Stay golden, Lindsi!

    1. Always happy to have you and your comments on the blog! If you feel too anxious, don't worry about it. There's no obligation to comment. I do my best to visit all the blogs I follow, but sometimes I just have time to read a few without commenting. It depends on the day! You should never make yourself uncomfortable on my behalf--you do you! :)

      I dislike Hit-Girl for similar reasons. She's always killing people in very grotesque ways. Her senseless violence makes my stomach curl.

      My husband and I use comiclist(dot)com among other websites to see what's coming out each week. They're pretty good about listing everything, and if you click on the comic it gives you a description. Jacob is a lot more thorough and listens to different podcasts, too. They usually mention what new things are about to hit the shelves. He's always asking me what I think and recommending things he thinks I'll like.

      Our library doesn't have a comic section, but we visit a lot of used book stores that tend to carry comics for super cheap! Sometimes they have comics we've been wanting to try and missed out on. A lot of the newer stuff we get from our LCS (local comic shop). You also have the option of reading them online if you don't want a lot of physical copies at home.

      Jacob and I just decided it was something we both wanted to do, so we did it. We each started with choosing two comics we thought we'd like, and it escalated from there. I love comics because they are stories, too. It's like getting a book in pieces, but with the added bonus of amazing illustrations to accompany the stories. Comic book writes and illustrators have mad skills when it comes to creating comics. A lot of YA authors actually write comics, too! Rainbow Rowell for example.

      If you're just starting out, I would need to know more about what you're interested in before giving you recommendations. All I can do right now is tell you my favorites! Domino just started and is amazing, X-Men Red is great and fairly new itself. All-New Wolverine just ended but I LOVED it. There's going to be another Wolverine comic featuring Laura, but I'm not sure if it's one I'll read. All-New Hawkeye ended a few months ago and was awesome. It was the Kate Bishop Hawkeye instead of Clint Barton. Venom is always a good one if you like darker content. Ohh! DEFINITELY Spider-Man Renew Your Vows! I get giddy every time a new issue is released. I'm pretty invested in Moon Knight, too. It's also a little more violent than some of the other stuff I read. Rogue & Gambit was a mini series that I adored. Runaways! There's so many... honestly it's hard to just rec one thing without knowing your tastes. Comics are always stopping and starting, it's just figuring out what you like or think you might like. It's not a commitment unless you want it to be. You can try a few issues and then stop getting them if it's not your thing. Sometimes we try the first issue of a new series just to test the waters before saying yes or no. It's what I'm currently doing with Magic Order.

      Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to answer them. <3

  6. Domino #3 looks fun! I just saw the Venom trailer today at Solo. And Ant-Man/ Wasp which looks hilarious. I've been reading some stuff on ComiXology, mainly Kamandi challenge which has been kinda fun (I'll be reviewing those at some point) and some other stuff, but nothing really grabbed me this week.

    1. I'm really enjoying Domino! I think it, Spider-Man Renew Your Vows, and X-Men Red are my top three comics right now. They're the ones I look forward to the most every month. I haven't heard of Kamandi! What's it about? People keep telling me I need to read the Saga graphic novels... have you read those? If so, what were thoughts?

      There are a few comics I'm probably going to stop reading soon, because they either stopped being interesting or were something I tried and just couldn't get into. Astonishing X-Men is one of those, but it's about to get a new writer... Kick-Ass has been okay, but I'm not excited about Hit-Girl making an appearance. There are a few others, but Jacob and I need to agree before it's something we stop pulling altogether. We usually agree (eventually), but we don't always. He's still reading Hit-Girl and Spider-Man Deadpool, which I also disliked. We all have our own tastes, I guess. :)

    2. Oh my Saga- unpopular opinion time! I think they're WAY over rated. I mean everyone loves em, I hate to even say I don't, but... I don't? Love em I mean. They're okay but not head and shoulders above other stuff that's out there? I mean to hear some people talk they're like the greatest thing since sliced bread, and IDK they don't grab me THAT much! But again, I seem to be in the minority. I don't need all the gratuitous nudity and weirdness, frankly.

      Kamandi challenge is kinda goofy, it's a challenge that DC did for their Kamandi character- he's a kid living in a post apoc world where animals are dominant and can speak, and humans are mostly like animals. The challenge is that every issue ends on a cliffhanger, and the next issue is a different creative team that takes over and leaves their OWN cliffhanger for the next team! It's pretty fun and not too serious. It's a 12 issue series and I'm like a ways in.

      Yeah everyone has different tastes! It's nice that you guys read together though. I had a GF who read comics and it was nice that we could share that. Domino I may have to check out, and X-Men Red I'm curious about because I really want to know what's going on with them lately!

    3. Hmm... I'm not usually a fan of excessive nudity. As for the weirdness, it depends. Isn't there a rainbow horse? Zebra? Does it serve a purpose at all? I trust your opinion, so I'm not going to rush out and buy it, but I might grab the first issue if I find it at a thrift/used book store.

      Kamandi challenge sounds like it would be a lot of fun to read! I bet it's crazy not knowing how an issue will end, but having to come up with something else based entirely on how they leave it. It's not like they have a ton of time either. Oh, and talking animals is badass.

      HIGHLY recommend X-Men Red. Tom Taylor does a wonderful job incorporating issues that the world is facing today. They might sound extreme, but it's scary when he hits a nerve or points out something that the world is currently doing. The story is awesome, too. I love the team! It's so random, but it works. Besides, I need you meet Gabby. She's BFFs with Deadpool, heh.

      It is fun to share with the hubs. I love to disagree with something he thinks/says just to frustrate him, haha. Like, he'll say something about the main character and I'll defend the villain. He does it to me, too. I really liked the Rogue & Gambit mini series, so he would pick at me about it being a kissing comic.

    4. I would say try it if you're interested, like you said if you can get it cheap that's the way to go. Most people like it although sometimes I wonder if there's a bandwagon effect (not saying there is, I just wonder), because while it's okay I do NOT see the big deal? But again, maybe just me. I haven't looked at it in a while so not sure about the rainbow horse, could be, but the Lying Cat is pretty cool. :) I will say, just so you know, the first book starts out with a fairly graphic birth scene, including the male lead biting through the umbilical cord to cut it. And it's pretty graphic in a lot of ways, so it's definitely not something for kids! I like adult stuff but not so much in comics, since I know kids pick em up...

      Kamandi Challenge is fun so far. and nice art! I'll be reviewing them in July.

      I love it when X-Men resonates w/ current issues. That's always been their strength when they're really good. And I'm anxious to see what I've been missing! Ooh Gabby sounds good- I'll add this to my list. :)

      Ha ha that's awesome. Rogue & Gambit- that DOES sound like a kissy comic, with those two!!

    5. I think I'll be skipping Saga. I'm not into gross birth scenes, and just you saying that makes me want to throw up. I have no desire to see someone biting through an umbilical chord. Rainbow horses/zebras or not--that alone ruins it for me. Ugh. Thank you for letting me know!

      I'll be looking for your review. <3

      I agree. The X-Men have a way of incorporating current issues into their comics, but in a way that might click with more people. It can seem fantastical and extreme, but there is definitely truth behind it. I can't wait to see what you think of this one!

      Rogue & Gambit WAS a kissy comic, haha. There's even an argument on a plane, because Rogue admits to Gambit that she made out with Deadpool. Hehe.

  7. Yay for getting your groove back. I'm working on following suit :) Hope you have a good week reading and blogging wise!

    1. I hope your kitty is still on the mend! I've been following your posts and seen some of your tweets... it seems like they're doing better, but still not at full strength. Sending you my love!

  8. Analog sounds like a neat premise! Magic Order sounds cool too, and I like the cover. Are they having a meeting while floating in mid-air???

    1. It would appear that they are, haha. I'll have to let you know when I get around to reading it! I just picked up two weeks worth of comics (forgot to go last week), and I have a lot of catching up to do! I'm trying to squeeze a few in between books, but I'm also trying to catch up with my review copies for books. There's not enough time in a day!

      I think you'd like Analog!


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