Monday, December 18, 2017

Generations (#1-10)

I haven't done a My Weekly Pull post in a few weeks--sorry about that! However, I have been reading a lot of different comic books. I really, really like that Marvel did a Generations series. It highlights some of the more popular heroes and the new generation they inspired.

My favorite two issues were Hawkeye and All-New Wolverine. The others were interesting and enjoyable, but I didn't feel as invested in those characters. That's the great thing about comics, though--there's something for everyone. If you're undecided on what comics to read, try a few of the Generations issues to see if anything intrigues you.

by Greg Pak, Matteo Buffagni (Illustrator) 

Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey #1 (Generations #2) 
by Cullen Bunn, R.B. Silva (Illustrator),
Stephanie Hans (Illustrator) 

by Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas (Illustrator), Jorge Molina (Illustrator) 

by Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator) 

Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1 (Generations #5) 
by Kelly Thompson, Stefano Raffaele (Illustrator), Greg Smallwood (Illustrator) 

Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart #1 (Generations #6) 
by Brian Michael Bendis, Marco Rudy (Illustrator) 

by Margaret Stohl, David Nakayama (Illustrator), Brent Schoonover (Illustrator) 

by G. Willow Wilson, Paolo Villanelli (Illustrator), Nelson Blake II (Illustrator) 

by Brian Michael Bendis (Illustrator), RamΓ³n PΓ©rez (Illustrator) 

Generations: Sam Wilson Captain America & Steve Rogers Captain America #1 (Generations #10) by Nick Spencer, Paul Renaud (Illustrator)


  1. I love Marvel movies so much! I should really give comics a try! :)

    1. What is your favorite Marvel movie? I didn't think I would like comics as much as I do, but I love them! It's a nice change from books, too. I like having options.

  2. I downloaded a few graphic novels but haven't been int he mood to read at all this month. I shall get back to them the first of the year! I hope lol

    For What It's Worth

    1. It's okay to take a hiatus from reading! Everyone needs a break. I can't wait to see what graphic novels you've chosen!

  3. I haven't read a new MArvel in ages but Hawkeye looks fun. Always liked the character!

    1. I just found out that Hawkeye is ending. 😒 The 16th issue will be the last. The most recent one I have is #13, and I felt like there was still a lot of story left.

  4. Whoa! These look so interesting! I have a couple of comic books that I didnt read yet! This got me soo excited into checking them out!


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