Wednesday, March 17, 2021

My Weekly Pull [159] & Can't-Wait Wednesday [134]

My Weekly Pull is something I do every Wednesday to show which comics I had pulled for me that week! If you're into comics, or you're looking to start, please join me! If you decide to do your own post, there's a link-up at the bottom. I would love to stop by and check it out!

Champions #5 by Danny Lore, Eve Ewing, Luciana Vecchio, Bob Quinn, Toni Infante
Spider-Woman #10 by Karla Pacheco, Pere Perez, Ron Lim

Jacob's comics for the week!

Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #5 by Steve Niles, Marcelo Frusin, John Romita Jr.
Transformers Back to the Future #3 by Cavan Scott, Juan Samu, Phil Murphy
King in Black Spider-Man One Shot by Jed MacKay, Michele Bandini, Carlos Gomez
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #115 by Sophie Campbell, Kevin Eastman

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly feature that's hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings. It highlights the upcoming releases we're really excited about reading! CWW is a spinoff of the feature Waiting on Wednesday (WoW), that was started by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

A Million Things by Emily Spurr
Expected publication: August 24th 2021 by Berkely Penguin Random House

Synopsis (via Goodreads): A bursting, heartfelt, debut following fifty-five days in the life of ten-year-old Rae, who must look after herself and her dog when her mother disappears.

For as long as Rae can remember, it’s been her and Mum, and their dog, Splinter; a small, deliberately unremarkable, family. They have their walks, their cooking routines, their home. Sometimes Mum disappears for a while to clear her head but Rae is okay with this, because Mum always comes back.

So, when Rae wakes to Splinter’s nose in her face, the back door open, and no Mum, she does as she’s always done and carries on. She takes care of the house, goes to school, walks Splinter, and minds her own business—all the while pushing down the truth she isn’t ready to face.

That is, until her grumpy, lonely neighbor Lettie—with her own secrets and sadness—falls one night and needs Rae’s help. As the two begin to rely on each other, Rae’s anxiety intensifies as she wonders what will happen to her when her mother’s absence is finally noticed and her fragile world bursts open.

A Million Things transforms a gut-wrenching story of abandonment and what it’s like to grow up in a house that doesn’t feel safe into an astonishing portrait of resilience, mental health, and the families we make and how they make us in return.

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  1. OOh nice pick! That's a new to me one. Hope you enjoy it once you get to read it!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. It made me think of Where the Crawdads Sing, which I absolutely loved!

  2. Yay for Spider-Woman! A Million Things sounds really good. I will have to look for that one. I can't imagine my 10 year old faring so well on her own but perhaps I am under-estimating her. Hopefully we never find out!

    1. I need to catch up on my Spider-Woman issues! The first few were really good. :)

      I know, right? I can't even contemplate what my child(ren) would do if I just suddenly disappeared. Like you, I never want to find out!

  3. The plot is interesting and that cover is oh so gorgeous ! I hope the book will live up to that :)

    1. I really hope the book is as good as its synopsis. *fingers crossed*

  4. A Million Things sounds like it has the potential to be a pretty powerful read. I really want to know what happened to Rae's mom and I just can't even imagine how a 10 year old could cope with being left alone so I really want to meet Rae too. Great pick!

    1. Thanks! I said this to Jessica, but it makes me think of Where the Crawdad's Sing. I have no idea why... it's just the vibe I get. I can't imagine how a 10-year-old would survive on their own, and it just makes me want to read this one even more. I already need to know what happens to Rae!


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