Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Sunday Post [58]

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly at the Caffeinated Reviewer! It's an opportunity to share news, post a recap for the previous week, showcase books, and highlight what's planned for the week ahead.


Halito! I know I haven't been around much these last few weeks, and I'm sorry! I've really missed seeing what everyone has been up to! Especially since fall is finally here, and people are getting their spooky books and decorations ready for the season. However, I do have a really good excuse! We closed on our new house! All the paperwork has been signed and we have the keys! Unfortunately, that also means it's time to schedule appointments so we can have renovations completed within the next month (super stressful), and it's keeping me very busy. Jacob is back at work (not full-time, but close), and the kids have school every day. It doesn't leave a lot of time for reading or blogging, so bear with me until things settle down! 

I won a ticket for one of Christopher Paolini's virtual tour stops (via Jamie's (The Perpetual Page Turner) Instagram), and it was a blast! It was for his newest book, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, and he spoke with Chuck Wendig for a little over an hour. About halfway through, they started answering some of our questions from the chat, and people got pretty passionate about their Star Wars responses. 

My 3-year Blogoversary is this week, so be on the lookout for a giveaway! This year hasn't exactly flown by, but I am surprised it's already been three years since I started blogging again. :)

IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. You have no idea how thrilled I am about the weather! I actually had to wear a jacket today! Can you believe it? In Texas it doesn't usually cool off until October, so Virginia clearly the superior state (sorry southern followers). ;) My kids are already discussing Halloween costumes, but I don't even know if that's happening this year... ugh, The Covid. 

Previous week on the blog:
What I'm currently reading: 

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust 🎧
They Threw Us Away (The Teddies Saga, #1) by Daniel Kraus, Rovina Cai (Illustrator) πŸ“±
Britfield and the Lost Crown by C.R. Stewart 🎧
  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn has been an okay read so far; it just takes forever for something to happen.
  • They Threw Us Away might be a little too dark for the kiddo...
  • Britfield and the Lost Crown has been interesting, but the story is full of conveniences. The children are very, very lucky, and everything seems to work out for them despite their ages and increasingly impossible situations. 

What I plan on reading next:

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini 🎧
Black Sun (Between Earth and Sky, #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse πŸ“±
  • The virtual tour stop I won a ticket for included a physical copy of the book with a signed book plate, but I was also approved for the audiobook on NetGalley. It's over 32 hours long! What!? 😲
  • Black Sun is going to be a Buddy Read with Amber (Du Livre)! 

What I'm watching:

Husband and I are still working our way through Space Force. There's also a new animated Jurassic Park show on Netflix that I've been watching with the kids. They don't show it, but they do imply that people are eaten. It's actually really similar to the one movie with Chris Pratt. Jurassic World?

Challenge updates:


  1. A 32 hour audio book. Wow! Why I don't listen to SFF books. Glad the cooler weather has found you (I love it), and how fun that you got to go to a book tour.

    1. The audio for TSIASOS has been AMAZING though! Yes, it's 32 hours and will take me 10 years to listen to, but it's soooo good. ;) YES. FALL. SO HAPPY. ;)

  2. Yay, congrats on the house! Good luck with the renovations!

    1. Thank you! We've hit a couple of snags, but things are slowly progressing.

  3. Congratulations! What awesome news. And yay for spooky stuff and fall and all of that. My favorite time of the year haha!

    I'm gonna miss Halloween if it doesn't happen. I will stubbornly have candy ready by the door though for any who brave the Covid lol. Of course I'll be masked and keep my distance... hey, have you seen the Wandavision trailer????

    We just watched Jurassic PArk the other day... my youngest had never seen it. O.ooooo

    1. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love the cooler weather, Halloween and spooky decorations - - it's a blast. UGH, if Halloween gets cancelled I'll understand, but my kiddos will be devastated. I feel like we can all wear masks and trick-or-treat, right?!

      YES! IT'S SO GOOD! I cannot wait for all of these Disney+ series to come out! My kids love the Jurassic Park movies, but there's a new television series on Disney+. They're obsessed.

  4. That’s great news about your new home! But yep they’re is working to come with that too! We are hoping to sell our house and move in the next year so are busily painting everything, I’m sick of it already.

    Have a good week.

    1. So. Much. Work. Especially with the floors! Apparently, there's particle board underneath what's already there, so that severely limits what type of flooring we can use unless we redo the entire subfloor. Good luck with your own renovations! :)

  5. Yay for the house! You're forgiven! LOL. What an exciting time.

    "The virtual tour stop I won a ticket for included a physical copy of the book with a signed book plate, but I was also approved for the audiobook on NetGalley."
    It's all of nothing, isn't it? πŸ˜‰ But ugh - 32 hours?!? Now I'm wondering how many days it would take to listen to a Stephen King book πŸ˜‚.

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Sort of. ;) It is exciting, but I'm already ready for it to be over with. Let's move in and be done with it, you know? Too much going on in my life right now!

      32 hours feels like an eternity!

  6. Congrats on the house Lindy. Take all the time you need. ;)
    To Sleep in a Sea of Stars looks amazing.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

    1. I've really liked what I've read so far! Hopefully the rest of the book is just as good. :)


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