Thursday, July 2, 2020

State of the ARC [23]

State of the ARC is a monthly meme hosted by Avalinah at Avalinah's Books! It's an opportunity for readers to catch up on their long overdue ARCs, but right now I'm using it to keep up with my upcoming ARCs instead. It helps me stay organized! Edit: State of the ARC is temporarily being hosted by Sarah (All the Book Blog Names Are Taken) while Evelina is on hiatus.
The Lost City (The Omte Origins, #1) by Amanda Hocking (7/7)
A Sweet Mess by Jayci Lee (7/14)
Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis (7/14)
More Than Maybe by Erin Hahn (7/21)
Deal with the Devil (Mercenary Librarians, #1) by Kit Rocha (7/28)
The Mall by Megan McCafferty (7/28)
The Time of Green Magic by Hilary McKay (7/28)*
Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy (8/4)
Lobizona (Wolves of No World, #1) by Romina Garber (8/4)

*There's conflicting information about this book's release date.
Bear Necessity by James Gould-Bourn (8/4)
Where Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards, #1) by Janella Angeles (8/25)
A Rogue of One's Own (A League of Extraordinary Women, #2) by Evie Dunmore (9/1)
Fable (Fable, #1) by Adrienne Young (9/1)
The Lost Wonderland Diaries by J. Scott Savage
The Barren Grounds (The Misewa Saga, #1) by David Alexander Robertson (9/8)
The Roommate by Rosie Danan (9/15)
The Silvered Serpents (The Gilded Wolves, #2) by Roshani Chokshi (9/22)
A Neon Darkness (The Bright Sessions, #2) by Lauren Shippen (9/29)
Love & Olives (Love & Gelato, #3) by Jenna Evans Welch (10/10)*

*This is one of my most anticipated reads, but NetGalley gave me an acsm file and I don't know how to access those. Is there a way for me to convert into a PDF or mobi file?
Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett (10/10)
Admission by Julie Buxbaum (12/1)
Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels (5/4/21)*

*I'm not sure why, but it looks like this book was pushed back nearly an entire year.

I haven't been requesting or accepting very many new books, but there have been a few I've been unable to resist! I hope to be completely caught up (and maybe even ahead) by the end of August. *fingers crossed* How does your TBR/ARC pile look? Have you had more or less time to read since the pandemic? 


  1. I am insanely jealous that you got Love & Olives. I am obsessed with that series, but S&S hates me and always says NO! I started More Than Maybe today and am totally in love with it. So, here's hoping Hahn doesn't muck it up for me

    1. I'm sorry! I actually can't read it right now since it's an acsm file, and I have no way to access those. I've emailed someone to ask if they can send a PDF or mobi file for my Kindle. I L-O-V-E-D the first two books and really hope I can read this one soon. I really liked Hahn's first book, so I'm happy to hear you're loving it! <3

  2. A Sweet Mess sounds so cute!

  3. My TBR is a disgrace. My reading in general at the moment is a disgrace. I'm struggling horribly with reading... :(
    Wishing you lots of luck on getting ahead of the pile!

    1. Saaame. The kids are stuck at home this summer, and it's up to me to keep them entertained. My husband has been back at work for weeks now, so Mom gets to occupy the monsters solo during a pandemic, haha. We've explored the neighborhood, ridden bicycles, tire swing, trampoline... you name it. The only time I get to read is once they're in bed for the night.

  4. Great book haul. I enjoyed Deal with the Devil which is the only one familiar to me. Silver Serpents has me looking into the Gilded Wolves series.
    Enjoy all of your reading!

    1. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed Deal with the Devil! It's one I'm really looking forward to reading. :) I didn't love The Gilded Wolves, but the world was interesting. I also want to see how the story progresses after how the author left things in the first book.

  5. I have two netgalley books and my cart but that's it.

    I'm reading Sweet Mess right now but it's basically at the pace of 2 pages at a time with the tiny terrors running around lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Hah! If I'd read this comment sooner, I would've known you were reading it when I messaged you yesterday. :) I've been making a lot of progress with my NetGalley books, and have been listening to some of the older ones on audio through my library. Doubling down on my TBR!

  6. Good luck with State of the ARC. I remember Fireworks being illegal when we lived in VA. Here they are only legal from July 2 to July 4th 11 pm. Ha... I will say that people in our neighborhood did stay with their own families and social distance. We did see a few neighbors gather on lawns, but they seperated by family on blankets six feet apart. We have only interacted with our own household. The Royals rotate between our house and their Dads. Be safe!

    1. I was surprised by the number (and size) of the fireworks on the 4th! We learned they were illegal pretty soon after moving here (the landlord mentioned it when we moved in), so we weren't expecting to see anything that night. We were so wrong! I don't know how they were able to get away with it, but there were some MASSIVE fireworks going off in our neighborhood.

      I'm happy you and yours were able to do something fun for the holiday! <3

  7. I recently requested Admission but I probably won't get it because it is so close to the publication date. I think it sounds great though, so hopefully my library will get it if I can't. I wonder what happened with Meet You in the Middle. Weird that it got pushed back, I had seen it on quite a few blogs in the last few weeks.

    1. December is close?? Haha! It's still half a year away. ;) A lot of books have been pushed back due to the coronavirus and authors not being able to publicly promote their books. They want to be able to give them their best chance to make sales! That's hard to do when people are staying home and not doing anything. Online orders, I guess. <3

  8. I mostly try not to think about my TBR! It's sitting up above 1500 but I am starting to try and deal with it. Thankfully I don't read ARCs or I'd REALLY be in a world of hurt!!!

    1. THAT'S SO MANY BOOKS! Are those books you physically own, or just like a Goodreads TBR?


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