Thursday, September 26, 2019

My Weekly Pull [89] & Can't Wait Wednesday [59]

My Weekly Pull is something I do every Wednesday (when the stars align in my favor) to show which comics I had pulled for me that week! If you're into comics, or you're looking to start, please join me! If you decide to do your own post, there's a link-up at the bottom. I would love to stop by and check it out!
The New Mutants: War Children #1 by Chris Claremont, Bill Sienkiewicz
Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1 by Nicole Andelfinger, Matias Balsa, Mona Finden
Transformers Galaxies #1 by Tyler Bleszinski, Livio Ramondelli

Star Wars Age of Resistance: Kylo Ren #1 by Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk, Phil Noto
White Trees #2 by Chip Zdarsky, Kris Anka
Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #2 by Saladin Ahmed, Federico Vincentini, Clayton Crain

Jacob's comics for the week!
Amazing Spider-Man #30 by Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley
Punisher Kill Krew #3 by Gerry Duggan, Juan Ferreyra, Tony Moore
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #98 by Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman, Dave Wachter

There are a lot of new series starting this week! I'm curious if The New Mutants: War Children will pick up where the last New Mutants series left off? A lot of the characters look the same, but I didn't really read the synopsis before adding it to our pull list. I haven't read anything with mutants or X-Men in awhile, so I thought I'd give this one a shot. Also, Magik is one of the main characters and you don't see her around very often! 

I still need to watch the new series on Netflix, but Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance looks really interesting. I think it ties into the show, but I'm not 100% sure. My son recently watched the original movie with me, and I didn't realize how scary it might be for a five-year-old. 

Another Transformers comic is just what we need... haha. I'm grabbing Star Wars Age of Resistance: Kylo Ren because Tom Taylor is writing it, and I've loved his work in the past (currently reading his Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man series). 

The first issue of White Trees was... interesting. I wasn't expecting the monster orgy, or all of the mythical genitalia, but that's Zdarsky for you. He wasn't joking when he mentioned "elf dong" in his newsletter. In fact, I was wholly unprepared for the number of bums and breasts present during the first issue. The P's and V's were on full display as well. However, the story was solid, and I'm curious about what will happen (there are only two issues for this one). 

I haven't read the first issue of Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales, but I trust Saladin Ahmed is going to rock my world with his writing. If you're not reading his Miles Morales: Spider-Man, you should be. I've cried more than once. There's a really big family focus, which I love, and Miles is such a relatable character and struggles with age-appropriate problems. He's also Spider-Man, and that's challenging all on its own.

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings, that highlights upcoming releases that we're anticipating and excited to read. It's a spinoff of the feature Waiting on Wednesday that was hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Songs from the Deep by Kelly Powell
Expected publication: November 5th 2019
Synopsis (via Goodreads): A girl searches for a killer on an island where deadly sirens lurk just beneath the waves in this gripping, atmospheric debut novel.

The sea holds many secrets.

Moira Alexander has always been fascinated by the deadly sirens who lurk along the shores of her island town. Even though their haunting songs can lure anyone to a swift and watery grave, she gets as close to them as she can, playing her violin on the edge of the enchanted sea. When a young boy is found dead on the beach, the islanders assume that he's one of the sirens’ victims. Moira isn’t so sure.

Certain that someone has framed the boy’s death as a siren attack, Moira convinces her childhood friend, the lighthouse keeper Jude Osric, to help her find the real killer, rekindling their friendship in the process. With townspeople itching to hunt the sirens down, and their own secrets threatening to unravel their fragile new alliance, Moira and Jude must race against time to stop the killer before it’s too late—for humans and sirens alike.

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  1. I have never read a book about sirens although I know there are several (many?) out there. This one sounds pretty intriguing!

    1. I believe I've read a few, although nothing specific comes to mind! I like that people know about them in this book, and the idea that they're likely innocent of the death mentioned in the blurb. They're usually portrayed as malevolent.

  2. Ooh New Mutants! I still need to try the new X-Men stuff.

    Songs From the Deep-yes!!!

    1. They've started something new... Origin of X? Maybe? I can't remember! Didn't it replace all of the other X-Men stuff for awhile?

    2. I'm not sure! It's hard to keep track lolol. I keep seeing articles about Hickman's House of X and Powers of X but haven't picked em up yet. I need to get em on ComiXology I suppose and judge for myself.

    3. Yes! And then you can tell me whether or not I should read them, haha. ;)

  3. After watching the show Sirens, I'm interested to see this book. Sirens have always held an interest for me.

    1. I haven't seen the show! What's it about (other than sirens, obviously)? ;)

  4. Ooooh, I'm interested in the New Mutants. I love the X-men movies and want to get into the comics, but I get overwhelmed with where to start (I've not been much of a comic person but started reading the Monstress series by Marie Lu and fell in love).

    1. I felt overwhelmed at first too! You just have to decide what you want to read and jump in! I can recommend a few that have recently started, if you want. Some people need to start at the beginning! It's not too difficult to acquire older issues, if there's something you like that's ongoing. I haven't read the Monstress series, but I like Marie Lu!

  5. The cover of The Dark Crystal GN is fabulous! ๐Ÿ‘✨ I need to rewatch the movie. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    1. I love the movie! Have you watched the new Netflix series? I believe there are two ongoing comic series related to The Dark Crystal, but this one is supposed to tie into the one on Netflix. I think. I'm very behind on comics!! I need to take a day off and just catch up. :)


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