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Love Like Sky by Leslie C. Youngblood
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Author: Leslie C. Youngblood
Pub. Date: November 6, 2018
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 304
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"Brims with charm and compassion."
--Vashti Harrison, New York Times best-selling author of Little Leaders 

"Love ain't like that."
"How is it then?" Peaches asked, turning on her stomach to face me.
"It's like sky. If you keep driving and driving, gas will run out, right?"
"That's why we gotta go to the gas station."
"Yep. But have you ever seen the sky run out? No matter how far we go?"
"No, when we look up, there it is."
"Well that's the kind of love Daddy and Mama got for us, Peaches--love like sky."
"It never ends?"

G-baby and her younger sister, Peaches, are still getting used to their "blended-up" family. They live with Mama and Frank out in the suburbs, and they haven't seen their real daddy much since he married Millicent. G-baby misses her best friend back in Atlanta, and is crushed that her glamorous new stepsister, Tangie, wants nothing to do with her.

G-baby is so preoccupied with earning Tangie's approval that she isn't there for her own little sister when she needs her most. Peaches gets sick-really sick. Suddenly, Mama and Daddy are arguing like they did before the divorce, and even the doctors at the hospital don't know how to help Peaches get better.

It's up to G-baby to put things right. She knows Peaches can be strong again if she can only see that their family's love for her really is like sky.

About Leslie:

Leslie C. Youngblood received an MFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. A former assistant professor of creative writing at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, she has lectured at Mississippi State University, UNC-Greensboro, and the University of Ghana at Legon. She began her undergraduate degree at Morris Brown College and completed her bachelor's at Georgia State University. After graduation, she served as a columnist and assistant editor for Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine.

She’s been awarded a host of writing honors including a 2014 Yaddo's Elizabeth Ames Residency, the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Prize, a Hurston Wright Fellowship, and the Room of Her Own Foundation’s 2009 Orlando Short Story Prize. She received funding to attend the Norman Mailer Writers’ Colony in 2011. Her short story, “Poor Girls’ Palace,” was published in the winter 2009 edition of the Indiana Review, as well as Kwelijournal, 2014.

In 2010 she won the Go On Girl! Book Club Aspiring Writer Award. In 2016 she landed a two-book publishing deal with Disney-Hyperion for her Middle-Grade novel, LOVE LIKE SKY (Nov.6). She often teaches creative writing classes at Rochester, New York’s literary center, Writers & Books.

Born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, and raised in Rochester, New York, she’s fortunate to have a family of natural storytellers and a circle of supportive and family and friends.

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  1. This sounds like such a great children's book and I'm loving that cover. Thanks for sharing because I've not seen it before.

    1. I have high hopes for this one! I love that the shadow on the cover doesn't match the main image. I'm curious how that will play into the story, and I cannot wait to find out. :)

  2. oh that's an intriguing one! Too bad it's US only

    1. When I was in middle school, I had a friend that lived in Germany. All of her siblings spent one school year with their grandparents so they could learn the language, culture and heritage of their family. While she was away, we would write back and forth constantly. Even letters were expensive to mail overseas, and I'm sure packages cost a pretty penny, too. It really stinks that there isn't a most cost effective way to get giveaways and ARCs overseas, and I hope there is a better solution in the future!

  3. This one is adorable. I wish it was open for internationals as well.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

    1. I'm sorry! I have no control over the giveaway, but it's part of the blog tour. Hopefully the next one will be international. I know you guys often miss out on giveaways and ARCs because most people and publishers can't afford the international shipping costs.

  4. OMG that cover is so flipping adorable! I've been really enjoying mid-grade this year. Even though I don't have any kids lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Now that my son is older, I've been reading a lot more MG! I usually read to him until he falls asleep at night, so we go through books pretty quickly. Right now we're working our way through a few different series, but we're currently on Artemis Fowl. I remember enjoying it a few years ago, and it's one of Jacob's favorites. You don't have to have kids to enjoy MG book! <3

  5. I've been curious about this one. The cover is adorable, and the story sounds fantastic too!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I really love the cover! I'm hoping the inside is just as great. :)


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