Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Weekly Pull [5]

It's still Wednesday, which means I remembered to do it on the right day! I just did not have time to type this up before now. I still count this as a win.

The Black Panther cover is one of my favorites so far! I love how Old School it looks. The Legion cover is creepy. J said that Legion is supposed to be the son of Xavier (X-Men), and my first question was, "Who is his mom?" He looks crazed and I think he's supposed to be. He has a mind like his father, but his somehow splits into multiple personalities.

The Marvel Two-in-One is Thing and The Human Torch. The first issue was interesting! It answered a few questions I had from reading other comics (about the Fantastic family), but I'm starting to feel like I see Dr. Doom EVERYWHERE. The guy gets around. The X-Men Blue Annual is VENOMIZED, so obviously we chose that cover. It also starts the Poison X crossover!

Amazing Spider-Man #794
Black Panther #169
Legion #1
Marvel Two-In-One #2
Phoenix Resurrection #4
X-Men Blue Annual #1 


  1. Ooh I love that Black Panther cover. Very retro!!

  2. The Legion cover is definitely looks creepy, in an interesting way! And the Black Panther one is awesomely retro-looking. The rest just look so intense!

  3. Ooh Legion does have a creepy cool cover. I'm so curious about that now! I need to read more comics/graphic novels.


  4. I love the Legion cover because I like creepy lol but the Black Panther is a lot of fun.

    For What It's Worth

  5. I love the art in GNs. Legion looks cool!

  6. So bright and colorful. I like seeing all of these covers!


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